June. 14, 2017

today my Mom and I went to a beach called Mancini. The drive there took awhile. The beach that we went to was my grandmother’s  favourite beach, that also had her ashes spread in the water there. my mom said that there was a plaque next to the beach, so she went to go find it. after a couple of minutes of trying to stop the umbrella from flying away, my Mom came back, she told me that the plaque is still there. I then went swimming but I only went up to my waist since the water was cold. Here are some pictures of me playing in the water.

Later we met a nice lady who is from England but lives in Germany.  My mom talked to her for a while and then she left.  We stayed there for a little bit longer and then we left.  The drive back was just as long as the drive there.

When we go home, my mom cooked dinner.  Dinner was really tasty.  My mom then got ready to go out.  Once she was ready she left.  The day was super fun and I got a little sunburned.

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