fun time for extra acting!

Today my mom and I went to a tv show set and I got to wake up at 8 and we were there by 9 am. when we got there, there were some fruits and soft drinks. There wasn’t a lot of shade so I got a wicked sunburn, which later on hurt a lot. My mom and I then had to go to a dock area and walk down some steps multiple time for the tv show. The day wasn’t that exciting but it was really cool. The tv show was the Germain version of an old tv show called the love boat. I also got paid a decentĀ amountĀ of money for it but I do not want to say how much.

After my mom and I got home I did some homework then played overwatch which I got the play of the game twice with, the play of the game in overwatch is where a player gets noticed for getting a lot of eliminations. My sunburn started to hurt but it didn’t hurt as much as I expected.

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