June. 12, 2017

Today my Mom, Jasmine and I all went to a beach called Agios Stephanos (St Stephens). First, we picked Jasmine up from her home which is a hotel, then we went to the beach. It was really fun to go swimming at the beach. Then Jasmine and I went swimming and my Mom stayed ashore. When the two of us went far out Jasmine said that she could try to touch the bottom of the water, after she came up and her ear hurt but she then after I tried to tell her to go back to shore because her ear hurts, she swam to the buoy instead, we then swam back together. We also jumped off the pier twice it was fun but I did chicken out on the first jump. Here are the pictures of the beach, also Jasmine and I it was fun going swimming with Jasmine.

later on, all three of us went to a restaurant called the Dublin pub, which is owned by an Irish lady. We ordered some fish and chips for me and Jasmine, my mom ordered some keftedes which are Greek meatballs, we also got some drinks, my Mom and I shared a Coca-Cola and Jasmine got an ice tea. When we got our food we eat it and the food was really tasty. After we finished the food we left the beach and we dropped Jasmine off at her house then we went home.

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