oc post karma creepypasta

gonna post one of these every day.

name: viMariari-karma danger
nickname: kar kar
creepypasta name: karma
death phrase: “hm… seems like your BAD karma caught up with you sorry!~ hehehehehe”
age: 25 (look 13)
height: 5’2
gender: female
species: ghost (but can take a solid form)
eyes: hazel
hair: brown
relationship(single or taken): single
sexuality: bisexual
personality: unknown
works for: zalgo
weapon: axe
fears: stuff that can beat someone to death
likes: creepy stuff, her cult, creepy stuff, her boss
dislikes: bullies, other creepypastas, sexists, the world, most humans
weakness: her boss, other creepypastas, the peak of her forhead(its her only weak spot so one hit there and she is instantly goes to the ground and begs the attacker to leave)
method: she chops off her victims limbs off with her axe letting them bleed out, or she hangs them upside down and asks them if they want to join her cult or die. Most of her vitims who want to join her cult have to fight her
extra info: she made a cult to worship her and help her kill. The cult most commonly hangs some normal people upside down and wait for karma to kill them
backstory: she was bullied by some boys and those same boys killed her but cracking a bit of her skull in the front bit and they then procided to beat her until she died. Later, on she came back and chopped of their heads and put nails into the heads forhead and hung a sign from each one saying “karma caught me”

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