June. 16, 2017

today my Mom, Jasmine, and I went to the beach. the beach is called Paranga. First, we picked up Jasmine then we went to the beach. The water was cold put I still jumped in to catch up to Jasmine who was already in the water and halfway to the rock! There was a rock that you could jump off. Here is a picture of what it looks like.

We both jumped off I only jumped off and when I jumped off I did a belly flop, it really hurt when I did the belly flop but I mainly hurt my pride. It was really fun swimming with Jasmine we met some people who were really nice. We also did one round of truth or dare and she dared me to eat a raw limpet which I did and I thought was dead but it wasn’t.

HereĀ are some pictures of me and JasmineĀ on the beach.

After we went to the beach we went back to my house Jasmine and I relaxed on the couch but then we had a boop fight, she also tied me up and my Mom didn’t help but I escaped. It was really fun playing with Jasmine. The day was super fun because I got to hang out with Jasmine.