Paradise beach tropicana

today I went to the Paradise beach with my mom and her friends, we went to a place called Tropicana which is a beach bar. I got a virgin strawberry dakery it tasted like strawberries and it was a cold drink that reminded me of slushies. But the drink had the consistency of a smoothie which was really nice. I also had some calamari which is fried squid with tzatziki. Tzaziki is a Greek dip made of yoghurt, garlic, cucumber, vinegar and olive oil. Calamari is also one of my favourite Greek foods. My Calamari also came with fries which I put vinegar on.

At the bar, they were playing loud dancing music, and there were also three girls dancing on tables in swimsuits. I felt the girls were also dancing somewhat inappropriately so I decided to walk down the beach. When I walked down the beach I started to feel a bit unsafe for some reason so I walked straight back to my mom. When I got back the music was louder than before and there was only one girl in a pink swimsuit dancing. I told my mom that I wanted to leave and my mom and her friend wanted because it to leave too. But, her friend’s boyfriend didn’t want to go because his best friend was the bartender there. My mom, her friends and I left because the music was getting way too loud. My mom’s friends dropped us off at our house, my ears were ringing and so were my moms because the music at Tropicana was so loud.

For the rest of the day, I did math then after I played games, the whole day was really fun.

3 thoughts on “Paradise beach tropicana

  • Hi Kailey,

    I wish I was i n Greece with you – I LOVE calamari!

    It is a pro d day at Scott Creek Middle today but tomorrow I will defintely find Sophia and show her your blog.

    Take care,

    Mrs. Roberts

    my cute little deer!! i didnt know that deers drink strawbarry drinks but ok!
    see you again on the VR chat!

    i didn’t know cats like strawbarries XD
    lol see ya soon on the VR chat
    did you see crabs there? if you did not let them steal you becouse ur so SHINEY!!!!
    P.S. if they steal you tell me and i will steal you back and make crab stew of the 🙂
    ur bestie

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