another oc post

name: kora kouraki
nickname: kor kor
creepypasta name: silent siren
age: 26
height: 5’8
gender: female
species: siren
eyes: pale bluish purple
hair: long blackish
relationship(single or taken): single
sexuality: pansexual
personality: sassy, rude, hypocritical, anti-social, easy to annoy, short-tempered
works for: no one
weapon: none really
fears: small spaces, really sandy dry places
likes: water, fish, greek food, music
dislikes: apples, mermaids, flowers, other sirens
weakness: being far away from water for a very long time, her tail
method: she drowns her victims, she also sometimes kisses people and turns them into sirens too
extra info: none
backstory: she used to be a human then she almost drowned but was saved by a creature underwater and was turned into a siren


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