June. 7, 2017

Sorry that I haven’t posted for a long time.  I have been very busy with math and writing a story. So I have not been out of the house that much.

Today Uncle Tony, my Mom, and my Mom’s friend David and I went to the beach that is called Agios Sostis. It was really fun we had some really tasty food we went to kiki’s and I had a pork chop and baked potatoes. when we were done eating Uncle Tony and I went down the steps from kikis to the beach. As soon as we got to the beach I went into the water it was super cold, there were also lots of fish so I was trying to catch the fish. This picture what it looked like looking at the water in the cove. I also took some underwater photos, sorry that they are bad it was my first time using the camera so the pictures.

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