Friday May 12th

Today we went to Sarah’s house and then we went downtown to give some welcome gifts to mine and my Mum’s friends.

The lavae

In the morning, I woke up before my Mum, I had to wait for her.  We then went to Sarah’s house to help her clean up her garden. Sarah is my friend Stathi’s Mum. I went with Sarah to pick Stathi up from his school. Stathi and I had a short conversation since he was on his phone most of the time. My Uncle Tony also helped clean up the garden! There was a big larva which kind of grossed me out, but it mainly creeped the life out of me, which Sarah showed us, she found the larvae when she was looking at one of the plants in the garden. This picture is what the larvae looked like. We left Sarah’s house and Uncle Tony stayed behind to finish helping.

Jasmin on the roof
Two great friends

When we got home my good friend Jasmine came over! Jasmine is a Greek friend of mine. When jasmine came over we chatted and did some videos together. Jasmine and I also went climbing on the roof of the studio in the backyard which is always fun. We also went on the roof of our neighbour and they have a privet church. We hung out on the roof of ours neighbours church, but we know we should not do it anymore because people actually live in the house next to the church!

Me, Jasmin, and Nicos. Stathis Dad

Later my Mum, Jasmine, and I all got ready to go downtown which was really fun! I gave gifts out to my Mum’s and my friends in different places in the town. We also went to Avra restaurant which Stathi’s parents own, Jasmine and I had some non-alcoholic drinks there. We went for a nice walk around town. We all went some ice cream then we all went home.

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