fun family friends friday

today I went to a restaurant owned by a friend named Vassili, and we got to eat for free because he was not yet open and need friends to taste test his food.  His restaurant is called divine sea & more. The main course was really nice it was pork with cheese on it, and there was rice in a cool little Piramide and carrots. There were 3 small pieces of pork and I was able to eat each one in three or four bites, it smelt like gravy kind of and it was really tasty. The pork was warm and really easy to eat which was nice, my mom had sea bass. after we had ice cream and a chocolate cake which was really tasty.

After we were done eating my mom and I went to go pick up my friend Jasmine, we then went home after picking jasmine up (I have mentioned Jasmine in last year’s posts). Jasmine and I climbed onto the roof which was really fun, she wanted to climb onto the main house roof which I instantly said no to because it would be really hard to get off the main house roof mostly because I was scared.

in the evening, Jasmine, my mom and I all went downtown and jasmine and I walked around town, it was also a lot of fun.

In total today was really really fun, everything about today I loved especially seeing jasmine again.

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